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The Mule: Heavy Duty Trolley

The Mule: Heavy Duty Trolley

R 1,780.00

The Mule: Heavy Duty Trolley

Introducing the MULE Heavy Duty Trolley! Sold out: New stock in Febuary 2019**

****Product update: A Load Bay Protector and Organiser for the Mule is now avaliable: Sold Separately****

4 large wheels that ensure it will handle rough terrain including thick soft grass, mud and loose sand

Wheel size is 25cm diameter and 11cm wide.

Heavy duty aluminum frame for maximum strength & low weight.

A size of 78cm x 42cm x 27cm, a payload weight of 65kg, making it perfect for use on hikes, picnics,on the shooting range, sports field, while camping or even in the garden.

The bottom and sides of the trolley are padded and water resistant to protect the items inside.

The bottom of the trolley has four drain holes on each corner to allow easy draining and ensuring that your gear does not stay wet.

The drag/steering handle can be extended or shortened and frictions locks into place.

Narrow wheel base at front makes it easy to steer  the Mule whilst pushing or pulling.  

Ergonomic over-moulded handle making it easy to tow all day.

The front of the trolley has two water bottle pockets for easy access.

When not in use the trolley folds away.

Compact, easy to store: Folded dimensions of 45cm x 55cm x 16cm.

Includes a storage cover to protect the trolley when it is not in use. 

Empty weight is 10.8kg 

**Contents of Trolley not for sale! For demo only, and, yes, it was 65kg of Ammo :-) **


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