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Tippmann TiPX Pistol Bonus Pack

Tippmann TiPX Pistol Bonus Pack

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The Tippmann TiPX pistol is a high quality, rugged and reliable 7 shot pistol well suited to the security or self defence environment. Powered by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge, the pistol will fire Pepperballs at 300fps. Each 12 gram cartridge will fire 20 to 25 shots before it is empty. This will allow for the firing of up to three 7 shot magazines. The Bonus pack contains 1 Pistol, 3 Magazines and a Holster.
This pistol has the following useful features:
- Detachable 7 shot magazines.
- Thumb operated magazine release.
- Cross bar safety system
- Automatic activation of the gas cartridge with the first pull of the trigger. This ensures that the gas cartridge remains sealed until you need it and there are no added steps or pre-staging required to get the pistol to a ready condition. Therefore, the pistol can be stored or carried fully prepared without compromising safety or reliability.

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