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Securecheck Tazer Gun

Securecheck Tazer Gun

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Securecheck Tazer Gun

This Tazer gun solves the distance problem that is usually faced in a non-lethal threat situation, OR if there is uncertainty whether the situation can escalate or de-escalate from Lethal to Non-Lethal etc.

The gun will fire two harpoon like anodes that must embed into the attacker to take effect. Once  the power button is kept depressed a current  is sent through the cables, hurting, stunning and disorientating the attacker.

The gun comes with 3 one-time-use cartridges. 

The gun can work as a direct contact stun-gun when no cartridge is loaded

To use as an stun gun, remove the reload and activate the fire button

This Tazer Gun features:

  • A built in flashlight that allows the user to properly identify an attacker before use. 
  • A Siren to warn off attackers or signal emergency
  • A Red Laser that will assist with aiming to ensue that you hit your target
  • Approximate Length of  wire (Range): 4m


This Kit includes:

  • Semi rigid Carry and storage case
  • 3x Reload Cartridges
  • Recharging Cord
  • Tazer Gun 
  • Belt Carry Pouch

***As with all gear that life and limb may depend on, Know the Law and Know how to use it***

In the interests of your safety Be advised: 
Stun Guns and Tasers should be used with care and may cause permanent injury if used incorrectly.

  • The  Probes must embed in the flesh to be effective
  • Thick or even loose clothing can cause the probes to embed in the fabric but not the flesh.



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