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Sand Bags

Sand Bags

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Sand Bags

Fortify & harden structures against projectiles, blasts & flooding. 

The classic sand bag: Can be used for a variety of purposes including Construction, Fortifying & Hardening of structures against attack as well as for diverting/damming of flood waters.

Alternative uses include:

  • Building raised garden beds, structures. 
  • Create temporary cover on decks of Ships for anti-piracy operations
  • Use to cover muddy boots when getting into a sleeping bags. 
  • Cord to tie off the bag is stitched onto the bag. 
  • Tamping of explosive charges when blasting.
  • The sandbags performance in stopping blasts, projectiles, damming water will depend on the type of sand used. 
  • Fill sand bag for ballast.
  • Flat size 840x400mm.
  • Approximate size of Bag when when filled with a plaster type sand 47cm H x 28cm Diameter x33 kg. 
  • 3 bags stacked atop each other will measure 560mm in Height.
  • When filled with a plaster type sand will easily defeat most hand gun calibres and 5.56x45mm  (Tested: User to verify)
  • At least 3 bags required to defeat 7.62x51mm (Tested: User to verify) 
  • Very good UV resistance. 
  • Woven from waterproof material: Will not rot. 

Sand bag once filled is easily movable. Bigger bags are too cumbersome to move around. (Portability once filled is important)

(Please note: Sand bags are supplied empty. If you want them filled please contact

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