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Rifle 250mm Round Plate

Rifle 250mm Round Plate

R 513.00

250mm Round Plate.
Capable of withstanding hits from all rifle calibers up to and including .30 with a velocity up to 3000fps, but excluding armour piercing, monolithic and steel core bullets - -
Tough and Long Lasting - -
Excellent for Training- Practice: Instant Feedback when Hit or Missed- -
No need to continually patch a target- -
Powder coated to prevent rust- -
The disc can be re-sprayed to create a clean surface when used for zeroing or scoring- -
Can be suspended hanging with rope or wire, BUT recommend use with 38x38mm Bracket- -
38x38mm Bracket easily replaced if damaged- -
**- -38x38mm Bracket sold separately- -**

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