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PP3 Fine Sediment Outdoor Cartridge

PP3 Fine Sediment Outdoor Cartridge

R 90.00

PP3 Fine Sediment Outdoor Cartridge Refill STAGE 1- -
Refill cartridge for the Little Luxury Water Filter System - -
A prefilter to remove large floating debris which will prevent the Micro Carbon or Ceramic Filter pores from clogging up - -
Depending on quality of Water Source is rated at 1000-3000 Liter working life.
Use as Replacement Cartridge for 2, 3, 4 or 5 Stage Filters - -
Remove organic, inorganic solids, Fine sediment and Floating Debris - -
Filters particle size down to 3-5 Microns - -
Stage 1 Replacement - -
Replace the filter when it is looking contaminated OR completely discoloured - -
For additional Safety it is recommended that the filter is checked after each Expedition - -
**Note: Ensure the filter is installed correctly and the Filter System properly assembled**

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