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Oxygen Absorber

Oxygen Absorber

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Oxygen Absorber

A necessity for long term food storage, used to remove oxygen and create a vacuum seal in polyethylene or polyester packaging, Prohibits bacteria growth, mold and mildew, Environmentally friendly and easy to use, FDA approved, DO NOT EAT

How to use:
For flexible packaging use the following steps:

• To determine the residual air volume start by immersing the complete package in water to find out the total volume.

• Use the increased water volume as starting point and subtract the weight of your product, leaving the effective air volume as result.

Multiply this air volume with 20% (Assume 20% oxygen in air) with the result being the volume of oxygen to be absorbed. 

If you use a rigid container, please measure as follows:

• Measure the volume of the packaging (height x length x width) using centimeters as unit

• Subtract the weight of your product (in grams) from the volume calculated in A.

• The result will be the residual air volume in your container.

Multiply the residual air volume with 20%.

•Again, the result is the number size of O'BUSTER sachet you have to use.

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