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Duke Defence Grenade: Non Lethal + Reusable Mechanism (Previously Valken)

Duke Defence Grenade: Non Lethal + Reusable Mechanism (Previously Valken)

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Duke Defence Grenade

(Previously sold under the product name: Valken)

Available in Pepper (Orange colour) and Sonic (Blue)  variations. 

The Sonic Grenade works by means of over pressure on the body or "skin" of the grenade. When the skin is ruptured by the CO2 over pressure it emits a loud bang!

The Pepper Grenade also creates a loud bang and the pepper powder is distributed in a cloud form to a radius of about 1.5-3 meters on the ground and also dispersed into the air. Pepper powder is 5% Major Capsaicinoids/96 % Pure OC. Contains 35g of irritant powder


  • Non-Flammable. Safe to use indoors and for training
  • CO2 Powered
  • Reusable Mechanism: Can be reused up to 50x 
  • Safety pin to prevent accidental rupture.

Throwing Procedure.

  • Check Wind direction
  • Hold Grenade in throwing hand. 
  • Insert a finger from your opposite hand into ring and pull the pin.(Retain the pin) 
  • Smack the stricker with the palm.
  • Toss overhand towards the target or roll underhand depending on the scenario.
  • Grenade will burst within 4-6 Seconds depending on ambient temperature.

***Spare skins Sold Separately**


***Caution: This is not a toy and if used indoors can create a stampede or asphyxiation***

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