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ICARUS Photonics Nova 5 (850nm) Illuminator

ICARUS Photonics Nova 5 (850nm) Illuminator

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ICARUS Photonics Nova 5 (850nm) Illuminator

ICARUS Photonics Nova 5 (850nm) Illuminator  is used with night vision optics to provide illumination in the Complete Dark and Poor light

The ICARUS will improve the performance of poor quality NV gear and  also provide good NV image on a cloudy moonless night. 

The IR beam is invisible to the naked eye and is useful for culling and  farm security operations

This illuminator can function with either 1 or 2 18650 batteries.

Fit the battery extender onto the device to fit  2 x 18650 batteries for greater output and run time.

Focusable beam allows use in CQB scenarios and out to 300m

Includes a quick detachment Picatiny Mount with a factory spacer to ensure a tight fit and no movement of the illuminator.

The mount includes vertical and horizontal micro adjustments that can be locked into position to allow the illuminator to be used for long distance applications.

These adjustments work the same way as windage and elevation adjustments work on optics.


  • Focusable Beam
  • 850 nm LED (3 Watt)
  • Impact and splash resistant
  • 6 hour run time
  • 3 modes (High, Medium, Low)
  • Activated using a tail cap switch


  • Diameter at head: 5cm
  • Diameter at tail:2.7cm
  • Length (Without extender): 16cm 
  • Length (With extender): 22.5cm 
  • Weight of device (excluding batteries): 288g
  • Weight of mount: 1.6g

This product Includes:

  • 1x Nitecore 2600mAh rechargeable 18650 battery
  • 1x 240V Battery charger
  • Extender for additional battery
  • A lockable, heavy duty storage case with cut out foam for each component.

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