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Holosun Sight HS403C

Holosun Sight HS403C

R 3,325.00

Holosun Sight HS403C

  • High quality sights designed to be used for fast target acquisition whilst maintaining situational awareness.
  • Single plane Focus ensures Fast target acquisition: You only need to focus on the reticule (As opposed to the front sight whilst attempting to  align with the rear sight onto the target)
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Fits onto standard Picatinny or Weaver rails
  • Single Reticle : 2MOA Dot
  • Sight is always in an automatic mode that will adjust the illuminated dot regulation depending on the surrounding brightness: Dot is visible when viewing from a darkened area into an area that is lit.
  • The sight can be set to Manual mode.
  • 12 different brightness settings can be chosen from
  • Parallax Free
  • Supplied with tools to Zero the sight.
  • Rechargeable Solar Component that allows use without battery and can power the sight during the day time
  • Includes Battery Tray for easier access to change out the battery without removing the sight from the firearm
  • Limited Warranty
  • A high Quality CR2032 can power the device for 50000 Hours (Dot)
  • Includes 2 Different mounts. 1 Mount measures 3mm tall and the other measures 30mm.

    Specifications and Dimensions:

    • Parallax free observation <+- 1MOA
    • Dot Coverage = 2 M.O.A (Approx 5cm at 100m)
    • Dimensions (l x w x h): 35mm x 35mm x 68mm
    • Weight (with 30mm tall mount): 125g
    • Sight Window: 17mm circumference
    • Magnification : x1
    • Aiming Dot Colour: Red
    • Waterproof

    Minimum power consumption ensures long battery life times.

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