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Herschell Protective Wax 300ml

Herschell Protective Wax 300ml

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Herschell Protective Wax 300ml

Herschell Protective Wax is a high melt wax for long term corrosion protection of metal surfaces. After solvent evaporation the film is highly resistant to salt water and salt spray.

  • Benefits include: Salt water resistant and Protects metal from corrosion both indoors and outdoors
  • Penetrates deep into metal seams, encasing dirt and stone chip and displacing trapped moisture to seal and prevent further corrosion
  • Treats car body cavities and prevents corrosion, Forms a flexible plastic protective layer, Adhesion grips the metal and displaces moisture.
  • No cracking
  • Stops rust from starting and kills old rust
  • Does not affect paint, plastic, rubber or chrome
  • Scratch protection. The wax layer is flexible enough to self heal if scratched after application. Applications: Apply to Axe Heads, Long term storage of firearms
  • Storing Firearms in a humid climate
  • Automobiles; inside car doors and box panels
  • Classic car rebuilds, Boats, Metal fabrication, Household appliances like fridges, washing machines, dish washers, Garden and security gates, nuts, bolts and fasteners.

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