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FlexiCuffs-MegaTies: Prisoner Restraints

FlexiCuffs-MegaTies: Prisoner Restraints

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FlexiCuffs-Cable Ties: Prisoner Restraints

  • A Thick Strong Plastic Restraint

  • Speedily applied to a suspect/prisoner

  • Costs much less than expensive handcuffs 

  • Safer and more Secure than Cable Ties or rope

  • When prisoner is handed over to the police no need to remove Cobra cuffs OR lose your expensive steel cuffs

  • Length unfurled: 890mm

  • Thickness: 3mm 

    Width: 12mm

  • No need for a Key 

  • Cost effective and practical

  • Removable with side cutters


**This is not a toy!** 
**Know the Law BEFORE restraining/arresting suspect**

**Know how to properly apply/release the Flexi-Cuffs***


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