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Fencing Tool-Hog Ring Pliers

Fencing Tool-Hog Ring Pliers

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Fencing Tool-Hog Ring Pliers

The right tool for the right job!

  • Stitch/Close dressed carcasses when hunting or culling.
  • Use also as a fencing tool used for attaching mesh wire to steel wire,  jackal proof mesh to the bottom / middle / and top steel wire. 
  • It can also be used for attaching shade cloth to supporting wires.
  • Use to improve the perimeter security of your fences on urban and rural properties, Join fence wires, secure wire to uprights or improve wire tension. (Attach every 100mm to 200mm).
  • Attach trip wires quickly & securely to uprights.  
  • It is a tool that is quick and simple to use.  It saves time and there is no wastage of wire.  It has a magazine (auto feed) which holds 50 C-rings.  Supplied with 100 C-Rings. 
  • Size of rings is 20mm

    (Boxes of C-rings available in quantities of 2500 each sold separately) 

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