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Drop Leg Utility Bag - Black

Drop Leg Utility Bag - Black

R 400.00

Drop Leg Utility Bag - Black

The Leg bag is designed to allow you to carry extra gear below the level of your belt, while you are wearing webbing, a ballistic vest or heavy jackets that would impede your access to gear carried at regular belt height. This includes motorcycle riders. The Leg Bag attaches to the belt and then anchors firmly to the thigh with a broad elasticated band that closes with Velcro. It features two pouches that close with heavy duty YKK zips. The pouches are suitable for the carrying of cell phones, small tablet devices, note books, pocket knives, pepper sprays, spare ammunition, fishing tackle or any other item that would normally be carried in a normal cargo pants pocket. It also features an external clip that is great for keys. Fully ambidextrous.

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