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Ceramic Filter Cartridge: Final Stage

Ceramic Filter Cartridge: Final Stage

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Ceramic Filter Cartridge: Final Stage

  • Ceramic Filter Cartridge Removes Cholera and other harmful Pathogens
  • Will also filter out Cystrospordium, Cholera Spores, Shigella, Worm Spores, Salmonella and 99.9% E.coli 
  • Use as a replacement cartridge for the 4 Stage and 5 Stage outdoor water filter units
  • The Ceramic Filter Cartridge is the FINAL filter in the sequence of filters
  • Filter can be Repeatedly Cleaned & Reused after 200-500 Liters depending on the Quality of the Water Source
  • As the filter is a HD Fired Ceramic Filter it is relatively fragile; Therefore install properly and/or store correctly
  • Filter can be cleaned using 1000 grit water paper.

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