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Bushveld Gamestalker Bullets .50 caliber 370gr

Bushveld Gamestalker Bullets .50 caliber 370gr

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Bushveld Gamestalker Bullets .50 caliber 370gr

The game stalker bullet has been specifically designed with the traditional hunter in mind. The bullet features a tapered shank for easy loading and deep grease grooves to hold sufficient lube to allow several shots without cleaning. The bullets are cast from pure lead so the hollow base expands quickly to ensure excellent accuracy. The use of soft lead also ensures that the bullet will expand well without breaking up, thereby ensuring deep penetration and wide wound channels. All of these features combine to make a bullet that will shoot accurately and bring down your quarry reliably, time after time.
Available in .45, .50, .54 and .58 calibers.

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