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Bactallion Septic Tank Treatment

Bactallion Septic Tank Treatment

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Bactallion Septic Treatment

An excellent product to reduce and eliminate septic tank sludge/solid waste.

Biologically active, enzyme producing, aerobic, facultative aerobic and anaerobic combination of micro-organisms for the  breaking down sewerage and sewerage sludge, containing active organic acids and other substances which act as stimulants for microbes.

Reduces Septic Solids & Septic Odours consequently reduce flies and other health hazards associated with waste treatment. 

Organisms such as Nitrosomas and Saccharomyces digest solids to produce water soluble compounds including ammonia, organic acids and fatty acids.

With the correct application of microbes sludge reduction can be noticed in as early as a week.

When sludge is digested all of the nitrogen, sulpherous and phosphorous compounds are released into the water. This is the first step in the biological process and wonderful way to get rid of solid waste.


CAS # : Not available
EINECS # : Not available
Dangerous Ingredients : None
Hazchem: Inert
Hazard rating: SAPMA: HHR 4 - Non Hazardous

Skin Contact : Wash with water
Eye contact : Flush with water
Ingestion : Drink water

The pictures associated with this product are not particularly exciting simply because we cannot get our photographer into a septic tank.......



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