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Folding Shovel: Entrenching Tool

Folding Shovel: Entrenching Tool

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Folding Shovel

Constructed of Stainless Steel for Durability,  and Wear resistance.

The handle contains a:

  • 230mm Wood Saw. 
  • Ferro Rod to start fires
  • Whistle for signalling

The head of the shovel folds into three locking positions: 

  • 180 Degrees - Shovel/Spade/Chopping with Axe Edge/Fighting
  • 90 Degrees - Pick or Hoe.
  • 30 Degrees  - Anchor for boat or to peg a Tent in soft soil. 

Right side of the shovel has a 10cm/27teeth Serrated edge to Saw with.

10cm  Axe Edge on the left side which can be used as Lightweight Axe for  chopping.

The top of the Shovel head has a "Stomp plate" in order to assist with applying down force with your foot when digging.  


Total Length: 790mm

Lenght of handle with Ferro Rod/Whistle removed Cap 78cm

Lenght of handle  with Saw Removed 48cm 

Handle Inner Diameter: 20mm

Handle Outer Diameter: 30mm

Depending on the configuration, the hollow handle can be used to store emergency gear.

Spade Width: 16cm

Weight: 1.38kg




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