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R 865.00

An updated version of an old concept- -
A seven pouch Bandolier that accommodates Stripper clips, En bloc clips or Short magazines- -
Each pouch has a Velcro Cover- -
Easy one handed access to your Clips or Magazines- -
Each pouch Accommodates 2 of .303 Stripper Clips OR 2 of M1 Garand En Bloc Clips OR 1 S.M.L.E. Magazine- -
Total carry load for a SMLE 303 is 70 rounds in stripper clips or Magazines - -
A bandolier can be worn across the shoulder OR the waist- -
Quick release buckle - -
Soft Velcro attachment for Moral or IFF patches- -
***1 year guarantee on workmanship and material***
***Designed and Manufactured in South Africa***

***Contents of Bandolier for display purposes only***

Colour: GREEN

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