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BadgerStick Walking & Fighting Stick: Large

BadgerStick Walking & Fighting Stick: Large

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R 600.00

Badger Walking & Fighting Stick: Large - -

(Also available in Small) 

Create space, use as an impact weapon to jab or strike. The length gives you additional leverage when grappling, choking, restraining and striking. 

The ribbed outer will split skin when impacted upon skin and bone.

Strong & Light: Manufactured from Spruce and Pine Wood 

Water proofed with Linseed oil and varnished for further protection. 

Length: 1220mm
Diameter: 38mm
Weight: 920 grams
Perfect for Defence whilst Hiking & Walking - -
Self Defence against Dogs and Muggers - -

Properly used the Badger Stick can be used to intimidate and threaten if an illegal attack is imminent and to  create space between yourself and the hreat. 

Comfortable to walk with, to retain balance when out for daily walks or hikes or check/protect for snakes

Paracord handle for extra grip. Paracord can be unwrapped for use.

**Diameter of sticks may slightly vary as all are hand made**

**As with all tools used for self defence: Know the Law, Seek Training in its use and Practice**


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