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Arctic Professional Ear Protection: Electronic

Arctic Professional Ear Protection: Electronic

R 675.00

Arctic Professional Ear Protection: Electronic

You only have two ears: Protect them!

Loud noise environments on Shooting Ranges, Industry, Agriculture and Mining are potentially dangerous places because of the loud noise and the inability to hear normal conversation and communicate. 

This is vital when commands are being issued:

  • Protects against dangerous noise levels and still allows one to hear normal conversations. 
  • Weak or low volume sounds can be amplified.
  • Attenuates (Cuts off) any sound above 85Db
  • Wide Soft Foam ear cushions.
  • Adjustable headband provides adjustment for from small to large head size.
  • Consistent and equal distribution of pressure around the ears.
  • Manual On/Off with Volume
  • Discreet Power on display light.
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (Not included)  
  • Battery compartment is accessed from the inside of the Ear Cup, no tools required. 
  • Accepts 3.5mm Ear Phone jack. Plug into MP3 Player or Phone. 
  • Audio Cable supplied.
  • Instructions included 1metre 
  • Unit can be cleaned with light damp cloth.
  • Splash proof but DO NOT immerse in water. 

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