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I personally do not like the term. I blame Nat Geo and the show Doomsday Preppers.

As a boy scout the motto was be prepared: Now however it appears the term Prepping and Prepper is loaded with paranoia and associated extremist ideology.

This is sad, but so what! Prepping refers to preparedness which may the simple act of strapping on a seat belt or knowing where the fire extinguishers are.

There are different degrees of seriousness and given event in our country it is not at all paranoid to actually do something that will enable to protect you and your family. In fact now is probably a good time to get your point across.

However to be blunt: Using fear as a motivation to prep is a short term activity. Being prepared is a positive activity, providing you some measure against being fearful or against conditions where one will have to make decisions that are morally wrong or plain outright illegal. If you are continually paranoid and fearful, you can allay your fears by actually doing something about it, and I would also recommend a chat with good friends over a beer.

Needless to say that there are those who think stockpiling gear and resource is the answer to circumstance. To a degree it is. However I would postulate that equally is important is your relationship with good level headed friend’s family and neighbours.

Living behind large walls topped with razor wire is not the long term solution. Develop positive relationships with those around you. I would strongly suggest that you choose to associate with those who have practical skills, whether it be building, farming, plumbing, mechanics, medical, communications etc. or those who are good at organising and leading.

Avoid folks who preach exclusivity based on ethnicity or religion. For such people eventually they fulfil their own prophecies.

Rather choose your network based on a common value system where the good of the individual is promoted with a view to protecting your home/neighbourhood/town/country. Frankly you could do much good by joining your local CP group and foster such relationships.

And yes, that’s what TacQM is for: To supply good gear to the good guys.

It is up to you to be sensible about it and develop the soft skills that cannot be bought but must be practiced.

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