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Welcome to the TacQM Blog.

Craig Gadd

Thanks so much for taking your time to click to this blog.

Our Tactical Penguins are deciding on the first topic that we should post.

If you have any topics or subjects that you think will be of interest, please let us know by emailing camo@tacqm.co.za

We will then do our best to get it typed up and posted

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  • edian Meij on

    good day.
    are you going to get some more ranger mre’s?

  • Justin on

    Blog topic: EDC for South Africans.

    There are so many USA EDC videos and posts, but what works for them & what is legal there, is not the same here.

    Such as blade lengths which can legally be used for self defense (and still be used as a day-to-day tool).

    Links to everything would also be good, like the tactical pen (which is widely undermined). People need writing material. Trying to operate a touch-screen phone to take down details after an accident is not that easy.

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